Apple to Unveil New iPhone Models

Apple to Unveil New iPhone Models

On Thursday,12th of September Apple will host an event at the Steve Jobs Theater in  the company’s Cupertino, California,campus,where it is broadly expected announce new I Phone Models.

Apple plans to release three new smartphones this year and it will include the smartphone with a bigger and better display than the last models. It is expected that Apple will release an I Phone with edge to edge display same like I Phone X but as compared to i phone X less expensive and its LCD display will be cost less as compared to I phone X. 

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The event has a proper theme and there is a massive use of grey color ,fueling speculation on social media that the company plans to launch a gold colored successor to the I Phone X, which was made available only in silver and gray last year.

At the US Federal Communications Commission documents filed unsealed earlier this year showed Apple had sought approval for a gold version of its iPhone X, but it never released the color.

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A few hours after Apple’s announcement, 9to5Mac, a technology news website, posted photographs of two gold iPhone models stacked on top of each other, with a larger-screened model on the bottom. Both models resemble the current iPhone X.

The site said the new flagship model will be called the iPhone XS and that Apple also plans to release a new version of the Apple Watch with a larger display by reducing the edges around it.

9to5Mac told Reuters the photographs were not mock ups and represented Apple’s actual planned products but declined to say how it had obtained them. Apple did not respond to requests for comment about the authenticity of the photos.

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Apple shares were up 2.2 per cent at an all-time high of $227.97.

Apple has for years released its new phone models in the second week of September and often updates other product lines such as the Apple Watch at the event. The company has already given base-model iPads and some MacBook laptops an update this year.

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Apple typically starts selling new i Phones a few weeks after launching them, in time for the holiday shopping season. The iPhone X, priced at $999 and up, has helped Apple beat Wall Street sales expectations.

Investor Warren Buffett, speaking on Thursday to CNBC, said the iPhone is “enormously underpriced” even when it costs $1,000, given how indispensable it has become for so many people.


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