Apple supposedly just made a major improvement to its iPhone plans for 2019

Apple supposedly just made a major improvement to its iPhone plans for 2019

Notwithstanding including a brand new design and a questionable score, the iPhone X was additionally the main Apple phone to have an OLED display. Resulting bits of rumours have recommended that Apple will raise the stakes with numerous OLED phones in 2018 preceding completely embracing the propelled display in 2019, however another report guarantees that plans have changed.

As per The Bell, industry sources say that Apple recently enlisted LG Display to develop LCD panels for one of its 2019 iPhone models.

While the reports of an all-OLED lineup were apparently legitimate, relatively modest iPhone X sales forced Apple to rethink its decision to abandon the so-called “two-track” strategy, so instead it will continue to produce phones with LCD displays as well as premium devices with OLED displays.

“LG Display is currently working on developing LCD panels as well as OLEDs to be applied to 2019-type iPhones at Apple’s request,”

As The Bell notes, offers of the LCD-equipped iPhone 8 Plus really topped those of the iPhone X in North America last quarter. The price contrast between the two phones without a doubt had much to do with the stagnation of iPhone X deals, provoking Apple to continue utilizing LCD displays for in any event one more year. Until the point that phones with OLED showcases can be created and sold for under $1,000, it bodes well to keep an LCD display available.

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Apple is expected to launch three new iPhone models at the end of the year: a 5.8-inch OLED iPhone X sequel, a 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus, and a 6.1-inch iPhone 9 with an LCD display. Invites for the September event should go out soon.

“Apple expects LCD models to make up the majority of iPhone sales in its lineup to be released this fall,” the report notes.

The company “initially wanted roughly equal production of the two screen types. Now, … Apple plans to make more of the LCD model, anticipating that consumers would lean toward the cheaper model.”

Word has it Apple plans to offer at least one affordable LCD model in 2019, too. The company likely won’t ditch LCD screens and go all-OLED until 2020.

Apple’s first OLED-equipped iPhone is expected to have a curved display. Other features may include wireless charging, a bigger screen with slimmer bezels, improved cameras, retina scanning and Touch ID built into the display.


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