Polling agents, voters can’t carry cell phones while visiting polling station

Polling agents, voters can’t carry cell phones while visiting polling station

No polling agent of any political party and no voter will be allowed to take mobile phones inside the polling station but election staff and security personnel will be permitted to have such gadgets with them on these premises. Polling agents, voters can’t carry cell phones while visiting polling station.

These days, mobile phones are equally used for making videos, taking photographs and calling purposes. These tools are used to document what is happening. The political parties want their polling agents to use cell phones to record irregularities, if any, by anyone.

Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) spokesman Nadim Qasim said while answering questions.

“The purpose of disallowing the polling agents and voters to carry cell phones inside the stations is to ensure secrecy of the ballot papers and process,” 

Nadim Qasim said the local and international poll observers will be permitted to carry their mobile phones inside the voting places but will be barred from using them on these premises. He also said that the media persons will be permitted to have their mobile phones and other equipment like cameras with them to make the footage they want.

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The ECP representative said the election staff and security work force will have their cell phones with them inside the polling stations. Be that as it may, he stated, the security people will keep their mobile phones turned off and will turn them on just when they will want to use them.

In any case, the media individuals will have the capacity to visit just a little portion of 85,000 polling stations spread across Pakistan. It isn’t physically and humanly possible for the print and electronic media staff members to take rounds of even a significant number of stations. Thinking about this massive constraint, journalists and eyes of the TV cameras will be debilitated to report every single conceivable negligence at all voting places. Especially, they are always unable to have access far flung zones where rigging opportunities are effortlessly exploited and not by any means recorded.

When told that the designated polling agents will be naturally desperate to quickly transmit the result to their candidates if they would have their mobile phones with them, the ECP spokesman said that the presiding officers will not only give certified copies of the vote count to all agents but will also display them at the stations.

“Then, the agents can send the results to their contestants after coming out of the polling stations.”

The ECP spokesman said that the electoral commission would have been in deep trouble in view of the recent devastating terrorist attacks had it not decided to seek the deployment of about 400,000 troops beforehand.


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