PM IMRAN KHAN launches 5 million housing scheme

PM IMRAN KHAN launches 5 million housing scheme

PM Imran Khan is starting a new project “MERA GHAR” 5 million housing scheme and took the decision to built 5 million houses in Pakistan. The government will built 2.5 million houses in 1st phase and another 2.5 million houses in 2nd phase.

         The government’s priority is to provide low-cost houses to the people, alleviate poverty and help Pakistan recover economically.This housing scheme will not only provide low-income people with their own homes but will also generate many employment opportunities for the people of Pakistan. This housing scheme will also generate many employment opportunities especially for the youth of Pakistan. The construction of affordable homes will connect more than 40 industries including that of steel, textile, sanitary, transportation and, plastic.

PM Imran said,”These houses equipped with all basic facilities, and regularisation of slums is the foremost priority of the government and a part of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s manifesto”.

The government will announce its policy for the prime minister’s low-cost housing scheme on October 10.

The prime minister mentioned the trend for borrowing of house building loans in other countries and said in the United States almost 80% people construct houses through loans, in Malaysia 33%, India 11%, Bangladesh 3%, while in Pakistan only 0.25%.

In the first phase of the project seven districts would be facilitated, including Sukkur, Quetta, Gilgit, Muzaffarabad, Swat, Islamabad and Faisalabad.

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Everyone is invited to apply for the homes with a restriction that only one application can be entertained from a family unit. As per the announcement the family unit includes (husband, wife, and children). The registration process will take 60 days, after that government will prioritize the deserving applicants. The pilot project is meant to gather data and facts about the demand in respective districts.

The registration of this project will be started soon . Sources said that the houses would be constructed on public-private partnership mode and the private sector will be included in the project in a transparent manner. The registration forms will be provided by NADRA at minimal price.The project is estimated to be completed in five years.The people can avail the facility of online form and download it from the website of NADRA as  the authority issued   the document hours after Imran Khan’s inauguration of the project. While it can be submitted within two months (from October 22 to December 21) along with Rs 250 registration fee at the selected district offices.

1- This form is for registration only.
2- Based on the data collected from these forms, housing specification including design,
price and site will be decided for the applicants.
3- Preference will be given to candidates who do not own any independent residential unit in Pakistan.
4- Only one person per family ( husband, wife and children ) is eligible to apply in this scheme.
5- Rs.250 per form should be deposited along with this registration form.
6- It is compulsory to fill every field. Please fill this form in ENGLISH using BLOCKLETTERS.




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