Singers who Sang Songs for their Exes

Singers who Sang Songs for their Exes

Are you dating a singer? 😀 then hey you should be ready for post break up song that must be for you… Each word of the song will truly belong to you your relationship time that you both have shared with each other. you are lucky if the song is a love song But if your relationship ended in a bad taste then get ready for a song relating all that stuff 😀

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So presenting to you a list of singers who bad-mouthed their exes in their songs. So in this category, the first one is

 1. Justin Timberlake : 

Going back in 90’s Timberlake and Britney Spear made an iconic couple. The couple made public appearances sporting matching outfits and charmed crowds. In 2002, the pair broke up and the former went on to sing Cry Me a River which was inspired by their relationship. The song became an instant hit and it still hummed by fans today.

2. Justin Beiber : 

Now  Justin Beiber is engaged to Hailey Baldwin. hen released Love yourself which has reportedly written for Salena Gomez. Justin Beiber was in an on again off again relationship with Salena Gomez. He then released Love Yourself which has reportedly been written for Salena Gomez.

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3. Salena Gomez: 

The bad liar artist was not one to shy away from writing a song for Justin Beiber either. Her song same old love from 2015 called out an ex who pulls the same tricks over and over again.

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4. Calvin Harris : 

Back in the day, DJ Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift seemed to be madly in love. but after dating for over a year, the two ended a relationship. later he released his single ‘My Way”  as the video of the track through major visual shade at Swift.

5. Taylor SWIFT: 

As the reigning queen of a bad break up songs. Taylor Swift called out her first celebrity ex in Forever and Always after Joe Jonas dumped her over the phone. It sparked  Taylor  Swift to make more tracks on her toxic relationships. In 2010, Swift point-blank targeted John Mayer in a song titled Dear John.

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6. John Mayer 

As a reaction to Swift’s Dear John Mayer released a lyrical response called Paper Doll.

His lyrics read,

“Cut the cord and pull some strings, and make yourself some angel wings, and if those angel wings don’t fly someone’s gonna paint you another sky.”

7. Ed Sheeran:

In 2014, Ed Sheeran hit at a fellow singer with a song called Don’t. It savagely hinted at the anonymous artist for being romantically involved with Sheeran’s then-girlfriend. At the time, Sheeran was dating Ellie Goulding and the anonymous singer is believed to be One Direction’s, Niall Horan.


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